Household of the Sheikhs

The household of the Sheikhs of Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya


The Fassi family is the name of the household of the Sheikhs of Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya from Mecca descending from Qutbul Ujood Imam Fassi Raziyallah Ta’ala Anhu (Imam Fassi).


Qutbul Ujud Imam Fassi

Qutbul Ujud Imam Fassi, who belongs to a Sharifi family descendant of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), was born in Fes in 1173 Hijri (ca 1760 CE)[1] or 1218 Hijri[2] and returned to his ancestral town Makkah in 1240 H/1823 CE, where he died in 1280 Hijri, ca 1863 CE[1], is the originator of the Fassi family of Sheikhs, who constitute the Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya sufi order


Qutb Shamsuddin Makki al-Fassi

Qutb Shamsuddin Makki al-Fassi is the only son of Imam Fassi and Gouth az-Zaman. He was the sole sheikh and Sheik As Sujjadah of Fassiyatush Shadhiliyya order after the passing away of Qutbul Ujud. He in his lifetime made a visit to India in particular Madurai and few parts of Sri Lanka to spread the order.


Qutb Muhammad Ibrahim al-Fassi Moulana

Qutb Muhammad Ibrahim al-Fassi Moulana is the elder of the three sons of Qutbuna Shamsudin Makki al-Fassi. He is the Sheikh as Sujjadah of Fassiyatush shadhiliyya tariqa after the death of Sheikh Shamsuddin Makki. He died in 1966 CE.


Qutb Abdullah al-Fassi Moulana

Born in 1304 Hijri (ca 1886~CE)[1], Qutb Abdullah al-Fassi Moulana is the second son of Gouth az-Zaman Hazrat Sheikh Shamsuddin makki who spread the tariqa widely to many parts of the world. He died in 1968 CE.


Qutb Abul Hasan al-Fassi Moulana

Qutb Abul Hasan al-Fassi Moulana is the third son of Gouth az-Zaman Hazrat Shamsuddin Makki razi. He died in his childhood.


Qutb Dr.Muhammad al-Fassi

He is the elder most son of Sheikhuna Hazrat Muhammad Ibrahim moulana razi. He became the Sheikh as Sujjadah after the passing away of Sheikh Abdullah Moulana Razi. He visited India twice in 1974 and 1991 and many times to Sri Lanka. His holy wafat happened on 5th of Jamaad al Awwal 1418 Hijri in the year 1997. After the passing away of Dr.Muhammad al Fassi, His brother Sheikh Abdul Wahab Ibrahim al fassi became the Sheikh us Sujjada. He died soon after. In 1999, Sheikh Abdul Qader son of Qutb Muhammad Ibrahim Al Fassi, the head of the household of Sheikh Ibrahim Al Fassi al Makki Ash Shazuli, became the sheikh as sujjada. Today, he lives in Jeddah.


Family  Tree

The Fassi family tree is widespread to the 5th generation today starting from their forefather Hazrat Qutbul Ujud Imam Fassi.


Qutbul Ujood Imam Muhammad Ajwad Al-Fassi Ash-Shadhili Razi (Imam Fassi) (1173/1218–1280 Hijri, ca 1760–1863 CE)

Qutb Shamsuddin Makki Al-Fassi

Qutb Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Fassi Moulana

Sheikh Abdur Rahman Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Sheikh as Sujjadah Dr.Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Sheikh Abdul Wahab Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Rida Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Hasan Ibrahim Al-Fassi

Qutb Abdullah Al-Fassi Moulana

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Makki Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Ahmed Jamaluddeen Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikha Sity Khadija Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Shamsuddin Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Ajwad Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikha Hatoon Ajwad Al-Fassi

Sheikh Mohammed Ajwad Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Saalih Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikha Fathima Aysha Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikha Sity Faiza Abdullah Al-Fassi

Sheikh Muhammad Mahdi Abdullah Al-Fassi

Qutb Abul Hasan al-Fassi Moulana

Sheikha Abbassiyyah Al-Fassi

Sheikha Raba’ah Al-Fassi

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