Prophet (P.B.U.H.) always in vision

Sheikh Mohammadh Al fassi (Rali.) Narrates

“Once when I was looking into the glorious face of Hazrat Rasulullah (Sal.) at Rawla shariff in madinah Al munavvara, a verse of my sheikh’s sheikh Hazrat Abdussalam bin mishish about prophet sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam came into my mind.

“WAJALILLAHUMMAL HIJABAL A’LAMA HAYAATA ROOHI..” which means “Oh! My creator, make your Habeeb Sal. who is the screen of mercy between You and us, the life of our soul”.

I prayed Allah (Jal.) with the Holy vaseela of Hazrat Rasoolullah (Sal.) in that Holy place to show to my eyes the secrecy of that screen. I could see my ancestor Hazrat Rasulullah (Sal.) filled throught the entire universe. I could see His one side towards Haq (The creator) and another side towards all his creations. I could also see Hazrat (Sal.) distributing the mercy, tajalliyat and attributes of almighty to prophets, valiyullahs and all creations of Almighty is ‘Faiz’.

After that Rasulullah (Sal.) was not hidded from my vision. If Rasoolullah (Sal.) is hidden from my vision for even a fraction of a second, I will never consider myself as a muslim. Said Qutb fassi (Rali.).

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