Zikr Jahri

When Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was at the Zawiya of Cairo he had introduced the open meditation. Sheikhs of other tariqas introduced a silent way of meditating God. Unlike other Sheikhs Imam Shazuli (Razi…) preached Zikr Jahri and there is an incident behind this.

Hazrath Abu Muhammadh Abdullah who was there along with Imam while Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was on firm meditation at the saffron hill for 40 days, narrates:

I stayed there at the cave of saffron hill with Sheikh Shazuli Imam (Razi…) for 40 days. I could feel the mercy rain of Allah (Jal…) was lashing on Imam Shazuli (Razi…).

“Man Kaanallahu kaana lahu kulli shaiyin”, “If a person turns himself for Allah, every matter turns for him”.

As Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) was affectionate towards Allah (Jal…), according to above Hadith Allah made everything to our Sheikh’s possession.

One day during midnight after praying Thahajjadh Hazrath Shazuli Imam was reciting Qur’aan. He was reciting surathul An’aam.

When he crossed a verse “Wa in tha’dhil kulla Adhlil laa yookhaz minha” means “If Allah comes ahead to punish all human for their misdeeds, then none will survive. But Allah (Jal…) deal them with leniency, and not catches hold his slaves (Human)”. Hazrath Shazuli Imam (Razi…) was very much joyous feeling the mercy of Allah (Jal…) he repeatedly recited the same verse. And his lips started pronouncing “Allah… Allah… Allah…” and he entered qualm ness (Jazb) his voice grew and was in the high pitch so that the entire mountain shook the direction his Holy body moved in Jazb, same did the entire mountain. Hazrath was moving up and down and at sides. Same way the mountain also moved vertically and horizontally. This situation lasted for a while. Who ever heard that were attracted towards it.

So if one meditates loudly as “Allah… Allah… Allah…” all the five senses are being controlled over and he leaves oneness. No other thought will arise, and wouldn’t listen for nothing. All the five senses of a person involving in Zikr Jahri with JAZB have no work but to say “Allah… Allah… Allah…” loudly. Hazrath Imam Shazuli (Razi…) has showed an easy way to unite with God Allah (Jal…).

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