Talking With Allah

Will Allah (Jal.) talk with Waliyullahs?:-

“Maa kaana basharin ayi(n) yukallimuhullah illa wahyan aw mi(n) waraayi Hijabin aw yursilu Rasoolan”. In the above verse it has been mentioned as Bashar (Human) and not as Prophet (Nabi), and so it is clear that Allah (Jal…) will talk with any Waliyullah whoever HE wishes. The mother of Hazrath Moosa (Alai…) and Maryam (Alai…) the mother of Hazrath Eessa (Alai…) were not Prophets. They were only affectionate of Allah i.e.,(Waliyathullahs). But it is found in many places in Qur’aan that Allah (Jal…) spoke to them. There is a wrong Filthy, foolish and false opinion among some stupids that Allah (Jal…) will talk only with Nabis and not with Waliyullahs. From the above verse it is substantiated that is nothing but due to illiteracy and knowledgelesness of Qur’aan and Hadith.

If Allah (Jal…) is conversing with a person it should be understood that He is Waliyullah. Allah (Jal…) has conversed with Imam Shazuli (Razi…) several times through (Ilhaam) mind.


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